“Markham’s polystylistic percussing belies an interest in all sorts of non-jazz topics”

— Dave Wayne (All About Jazz)

It is true to say that Luke Markham’s path has not been that of the typical “Jazz Musician”. After years of private studies with mentor Blake Fleming (The Mars Volta, Dazzling Killmen, Laddio Bolocko) during his time at SUNY Oneonta, Markham decided to forego an institutional performance education. Instead, he turned his sights to diving headfirst into the thriving music scene of New York City.

Since relocating to Brooklyn in 2012 Luke has continued his private studies with top local players and built a playing career that has taken him across the United States and Europe performing the gamut of musical styles and genres.

Luke’s deepest passion has remained improvised music. But his fascinations have also extended to production and composition. His drum set playing has been described as having a “goading, teasing, driving propulsion” (Carol Banks Weber, axs.com).