End of Day Blog 8-12-19


Dialing in this blog by trying to categorize. Sloppy for now, but getting the habit established is the most important aspect to me. Onward.

Aside from spending most of the morning in the Doctor’s office, today had it’s merits. On the ear training front, I’m beginning to notice the ability to hear b5/#11 in the context of a couple different chords. I’ve upped my piano/ear training routine to an hour a day instead of a half hour and it appears to be paying dividends.

My new studio setup is just about complete and I’m incredibly excited to start spending more time doing remote recording work out of it in addition to it’s functions as my practice room and a rehearsal space for various projects that I’m in. The “soft eviction” of my tenants was a fantastic example of a socially difficult decision that has led to an immediate boost in my happiness with how my life is currently situated. For a period of time, my first emotion when entering my practice room were frustration. Frustration that my tenants were mistreating my equipment, frustration that the room was becoming cluttered, but mostly frustration with myself for not protecting my creative space with more vigor. I was compromising in one of the most important aspects of my life. Ending that compromise and acknowledging my own desires as being important was a good first step that I intend to turn into a sprint.

I had a nice skype lesson with a student of mine who will be joining his first band in the fall. He’s never played with other musicians before and I’m excited to see if it gives him the music bug more than he’s already gotten it. He’s a hard worker and holds himself accountable with his practice. I’m looking forward to seeing his development going forward.


An interesting idea came up in a podcast that I was listening to today. The concept of a reverse pilot. It’s a method that managers use when taking over an office or company that was run by someone else who had a detailed system in place. The new manager will, without any sort of announcement, eliminate elements of the system that he finds redundant or useless and see if anybody notices over the next few weeks. If the time period goes by without drawing any attention, the manager knows that this was a bloated element of the system and discards it for good. I’m trying to think of ways that freelancers and creatives can implement that into their own systems. In my case, I’m going to attempt to treat my new life as a company that I acquired that used to be run by a people pleasing, depressed, self-loathing, beta. Let’s see what elements of that old manager’s system I can start to eliminate.

End of Day Blog 8-11-19

As part of my attempt to develop better, more positive, productive habits, I've decided to start periodically posting a blog before I go to sleep that will recap my day and summarize any thoughts I had throughout the course of it. That could include anything that may be interesting or worth getting off of my mind. I won't be promoting it on social media or even telling anyone that I'm doing it (for now). There are numerous reasons why I have made the decision to try this out. I suppose since this is my blog and I'm just rambling here, I'll list a few of the reasons.

  1. To replace my old nightly routine. As I have been getting my habits in order over the past couple of months, I've found the hardest time to remain committed to a productive and positive lifestyle is right before bed. After a long day of frying my brain to a crisp and pushing myself to my limits, my animal brain just wants to open up a bag of white cheddar popcorn and go down a wasteful Youtube rabbit hole. Instead, I am attempting to use an end of day blog to trigger a new routine which involves healthier pre-sleep nutrition, planning my next day, and continuing to create. Perhaps in a future blog, I will break down the whole routine.

  2. To give myself some credit. This one is a little more personal. I have always dealt with deep imposter syndrome. Along with that comes the lack of ability to admit that I was actually productive throughout the course of my day or that anything that I'm doing is interesting, meaningful, or worthwhile at all. Recapping my day is going to be, in part, a way of me allowing myself to feel good about what I accomplished on any given day and hopefully continue chipping away at the negative self-talk that is so common during the day.

  3. To practice confidently putting thoughts and opinions out into the public sphere. Another element of my life that I'm practicing is the confident communication of my views without worrying about the consequences of doing so. I'm generally frustrated with my lack of output into the world. My hope is that starting small ( blog posts) will set into motion the steps to get comfortable with putting out riskier and more personal content (i.e, music).

  4. To improve my writing skills. This one is a little more obvious. The more I write, the better I will become at it. Practice.

  5. To give a look inside the life of a working musician for those who are interested. Perhaps something that I'll say in these posts will give some insight to an aspiring musician. Or for that matter anyone who is interested in the day-to-day grind of the freelancer's lifestyle.

I gave myself a 15 minute limit on writing these posts. So I suppose that will count for tonight's post. Despite the fact that I didn't actually go through any part of my day.

New Review for "A Dark and Stormy Day"

New review in Elmore Magazine for Alessandro Fadini's "It Was a Dark and Stormy Day"

After studying math and algorithms throughout Europe, Italian born pianist/composer Alessandro Fadini realized New York was in his blood and, in 2011, made the city his home. He’s toured and and done sessions and found a few intuitively groove knowledgeable henchmen to record this very solid and recommended debut. Fadini finds solace and rhythm left of middle C
— Mike Jurkovic (Elmore Magazine)

Luke Markham Group Recording @ Rose Studios

Back at Rose Studios today in Brooklyn and this time its for my debut album recording as a bandleader! Had a really great session with very inspiring musicians.  Got about 10 tracks done in as many hours. Including originals by each member of the group.


Alessandro Fadini on keys

Cory Sterling on guitar

Dan Martinez on bass

Setup for today's session. Including the first time my pad controller setup will be recorded as a live drum machine.

Setup for today's session. Including the first time my pad controller setup will be recorded as a live drum machine.

Next step is LOTS of mixing. Stay tuned for snippets, teasers, and the full release before you know it!

Beautiful diffuser wall in the engineering room at Rose Studios.

Beautiful diffuser wall in the engineering room at Rose Studios.

"A Dark and Stormy Day" by Alessandro Fadini now available everywhere!

I'm incredibly proud to announce that, at long last, "A Dark and Stormy Day" by Alessandro Fadini is available for streaming/purchase though all major online music retailers.  

I consider myself very honored to have been a part of this project.  These are some of the most incredible musicians I've worked with during my time in New York and Aleks is has become one of my closest friends and musical allies. 

Seems like just yesterday but believe it or not, we recording this album over the course of two days last summer. Below is the teaser video. After that, links for purchase and the Spotify play button! I urge you to purchase a physical copy, if possible.  A lot of hard work went into this album and it's a great way to repay a musician as dedicated to pushing the culture of jazz forward as Alessandro is.

Below is the Spotify play button. Enjoy!

In the Studio with Alessandro Fadini 5tet

Lots of Cymbals at today's session

Lots of Cymbals at today's session

At Tedesco studios today laying down tracks for our 2nd album. Great lineup and some great original tunes! Stay posted for the release of our first album "It Was a Dark and Stormy Day" this summer.

Laying Down Tracks With Fort Vine

Getting in some studio time with Trev and Nyna today to record tracks for our next album. Keep your ears open for our latest single "Late At Night" to be released soon!


Full Video of Halloween @ Spike Hill Coming Soon!

For those of you thinking that there aren't enough videos on the internet of myself drumming in full Macklemore garb, fear not. The Halloween Spike Hill show will soon be uploaded in all its glory to the videos page, as well as YouTube. Stay Tuned!