Luke Markham: Bio

Luke Markham is a New York City-based professional musician who has spent the past  decade as a live performer, international touring artist, in-demand session drummer, and private instructor.  Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, Luke moved to Brooklyn in the summer of 2012 to get closer to the thriving NYC music scene and to cut his teeth playing with the city’s wealth of talented performers. Since that time he has shared the stage and studio with the likes of Adam Neely, Zac Zinger, Talya Parx, and Braxton Cook, among others. He currently enjoys a booming freelance career which keeps him consistently booked with various performances and creative projects in addition to one-on-one instruction and recording sessions out of his private music studio in Brooklyn.  


Improvisation and exploration have always been at the heart of Markham’s creative  process and ethos as an artist.  He strongly believes that his own role as a musician is to chase the ever-evasive moments of spontaneity that exist just on the edge of one’s current abilities. As a result, highly improvised music such as Jazz has been a pillar of Luke’s musical tastes, but electronics have always exerted a certain gravitational pull on his approach to even traditional styles of music. Couple this with a deep love of hip hop and producer idols such a Flying Lotus and Shigeto and what’s left is the journey laid out before him: how does one find their most authentic voice while combining the influences of so many seemingly unrelated topics?